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Waiting Game // EXO

Waiting Game
NC-17, 3380w, porn with feelings
For every time Lu Han touches Minseok in public, Minseok touches Lu Han back in those exact same places at night.

"Do you remember touching me here today?" Minseok asks, brushing his fingertips lightly over Lu Han's knee and up his thigh.

"Yes," Lu Han admits quietly, looking at the floor, already a little breathless.

"How about here?" Minseok asks again, this time kneading the back of Lu Han's neck with a firmer hand.

Lu Han nods, eyes drifting closed.

Minseok's hands on Lu Han feel so good after a long day, and the warmth of Minseok's fingers on his tired muscles spreads throughout his whole body, all the way down to his cock. All Lu Han can manage is a groan of pleasure, and he lets his head loll forward so Minseok can have better access. He's been half hard all evening, seeing the promise in Minseok's expression every time Minseok had looked at him on their way back from their schedules, so it doesn't take hardly anything before he's hard and straining against the thin fabric of his pajama pants.

But Minseok isn't here to give Lu Han massages, and he stops way too soon. The smile on his face is more in the curve of his eyes than his lips, and Lu Han can see teasing good humor glittering in his eyes. It's a smile that makes Lu Han grit his teeth in frustration.

It's a game they play, a game with simple enough rules: for every time Lu Han touches Minseok in public, Minseok touches Lu Han back in those exact same places at night. It had started months ago, on a day when Lu Han had leaned in to whisper in Minseok's ear one too many times and his fingers had danced an inch too high on Minseok's thighs, and they'd come back to the dorms ahead of everyone else and Minseok had thrown Lu Han on the bed and teased him until he begged.

'An exercise in restraint,' Minseok had called it. 'Blue balls' is what Lu Han has come to think of it as, because Minseok seems to have acquired a taste for making Lu Han wait, teasing Lu Han with nimble fingers and a sassy grin until Lu Han is practically coming out of his skin with need.

Lu Han is outraged when Minseok actually gets up from the bed and starts sorting his laundry into separate piles. He's frustrated enough to feel rebellious, so he palms himself through his pants when Minseok has his back turned. He knows Minseok is making him wait on purpose, but Lu Han's never been any good at waiting for the things he wants. He's more turned on than he thinks because he can't bring himself to stop once he's started, and then lets out an involuntary gasp of pleasure when the soft fabric pulls across his cock head just right.

"What do you think you're doing?" Minseok queries, voice lower than normal, and Lu Han finds that he's not sure that Minseok's scowl isn't turning him on more. "I thought you learned that lesson," Minseok continues, pushing Lu Han flat on the bed and pinning Lu Han's hands up above his head. Lu Han bites down on his bottom lip. The position, the way Minseok looms over him and the shifting of the mattress as Minseok moves to straddle him – they're all so familiar.

"I—I know," Lu Han replies, whispering because there's already a whine building in the back of his throat and it's embarrassing. "I did learn..."

"But you still don't have any more patience than before." Minseok accentuates his words by rolling his hips against Lu Han's, dragging that whine in his throat out into the open. Lu Han flushes at how desperate he sounds and puts all his effort into preventing himself from arching up and grinding against Minseok.

"Min—," he begins, but it's cut off short when Minseok gets up once again.

"Stay put," Minseok warns, before letting go of Lu Han's wrists. "Don't make me tie you down."

Lu Han really does stay put because he knows Minseok doesn't make idle threats. There's an iron will underneath that easy grin, and a certain pride that comes with being the oldest that means Minseok always wins the battles he chooses to fight.

Still, it's torture, because Minseok takes his sweet time sorting his laundry, chatting lightly to Lu Han all the while about the other members. He praises Jongdae's singing today, mentions how tall and handsome Sehun is getting, laughs over some incomprehensible Korean joke that Baekhyun told him. It drives Lu Han crazy. It's so much worse than physical teasing because at least then, even if his dick doesn't get any relief, he at least has Minseok's attention. But when Minseok speaks so glowingly of the others and keeps pushing Lu Han off, making him wait... Lu Han just wants to leap right up off the bed and make Minseok look at him, think of him only.

"Minseok please," Lu Han says when he can't take the neglect any longer, and is a little surprised at how immediately Minseok leaves off folding socks and comes over to him. He stretches out to his full length, pointing his toes for a moment to flex and elongate the muscles in his legs for show.

"So pretty," Minseok murmurs, pressing his lips to the pressure point on the side of Lu Han's neck. "So pretty and so polite."

Lu Han sighs, half in relief and half in amused exasperation. Trust Minseok to praise his manners in bed. "Please," he says again for good measure, and Minseok rewards him with a good, deep kiss. Minseok's tongue sliding against his own is incredible, and the satisfied little sigh he lets out makes Lu Han's cock twitch back to hardness instantly.

Lu Han brings his hands up to the side of Minseok's face, fingertips just brushing against Minseok's jaw, wanting so much to pull Minseok closer. He doesn't because if he initiates everything then he'll never know if Minseok is just being a nice guy and going along with things or if he actually wants Lu Han.

When they'd first started this, it had been an exciting challenge. Restraint, being denied what he wanted, had been a novelty to Lu Han who'd always been able to get his way just by reaching for it with his boyish, open charm. Lately however Minseok's reluctance to be touched by Lu Han is starting to chafe, each time Minseok shies away from him with an excuse of "there are cameras!" a stab at his self confidence. Lu Han doesn't want to be melodramatic so he brushes it off with a laugh each time it happens, but in a secret corner of his heart he worries that Minseok really means it.

Lu Han is terrible at putting his feelings into words, which is why he has to let his body do the talking for him. He's become adept at touching Minseok without tugging at him overtly with his hands, licking with his tongue into Minseok's mouth or squeezing and flexing with his thighs when Minseok ruts against him there, but it's still torturous because Lu Han is a person who expresses himself best through touch and now he has to limit himself. Lu Han's not sure what he'll do if Minseok really doesn't want Lu Han touching him.

"Lu Han," Minseok groans, climbing on top of him, and Lu Han feels that incredible soaring of his heart every time Minseok comes to him first. He's happy, too, to feel how hard Minseok already is, erection pressing painfully against his pelvic bone. "God, Lu Han," Minseok repeats, nipping at the scar on Lu Han's lip with his teeth. They're pressed so close together Lu Han can feel the rumble of Minseok's groan against his mouth, his chest, right down into his dick.

Without even realizing it, he's moving his hips in slow, small upward thrusts, aching for any friction he can get. "Minseok, I need..." he begins and then trails off, wanting everything and unsure of where to even begin.

"You need? What do you need, Lu Han?"

You, Lu Han thinks, fingertips hovering over Minseok's hips for a long moment before he drops his hands to the sheets. He doesn't say what he feels because he means more by it than Minseok will probably realize, instead copping out by pushing his hips flush against Minseok's so that their erections rub against each other, hard and heated even through the underwear they still have on.

Minseok allows Lu Han to frot against him for another moment as he traces Lu Han's lips with his tongue, and then sits back to help Lu Han shed his remaining clothes, petting and stroking way more of Lu Han's skin than necessary as he does so. Conversationally, he mentions that they haven't finished counting.

"Counting?" Lu Han doesn't think he can count past the amount of fingers he has on one hand at this point.

"Counting," Minseok affirms, "Like when Joonmyun was talking and you snuck your arm around my waist, or when Chanyeol cracked that dumb joke and you leaned in and practically licked my ear asking for a translation, or when you fondled my knee the moment the camera focused on Yixing dancing." As he speaks, he caresses each part of Lu Han's body he names, leaving Lu Han's skin hot and tingling. "Everywhere you thought you had to touch me in public today."

"I didn't just think I had to touch you, I did have to," Lu Han insists, stupidly jealous that Minseok had kept track of these things based on what the other members were doing. "I always have to. Minseok." Lu Han closes his eyes firmly, focusing so hard on keeping his desire for Minseok at a manageable level that he misses the tenderness that flashes through Minseok's eyes at his words.

Then he feels Minseok drop a kiss right below his belly button and he raises his head to complain that he hadn't touched Minseok there today so it's not fair that he has to be teased for it. But he gets distracted staring at the color contrast between Minseok's small red lips against his own pale skin, and decides objecting would be counterproductive when the suction of Minseok's mouth feels so good.

By the time Minseok pauses, hovering over Lu Han's cock, there's a large drop of pre-come gathered at the tip and he's so sensitive that just feeling Minseok's breath on him is making him twitch. Minseok chuckles and sticks out the tip of his tongue so that when Lu Han's cock jumps the sensitive spot under his cock head just manages to touch.

"You're killing me," Lu Han pants, sinking a hand into Minseok's hair.

Minseok responds by grabbing his hand and sucking Lu Han's fingers into his mouth, digit by digit, wrapping his tongue perfectly around the pad of each finger. Lu Han can imagine, can remember from past occasions, exactly how that tongue feels flattened against the underside of his cock. Minseok grins knowingly at him when Lu Han purses his lips on shaky exhale, making Lu Han wonder just how Minseok manages to seem so gentle and kind-hearted in public when he's such a fucking tease in private.

"That's the point," Minseok laughs. He finally moves to wrap his lips around Lu Han's length, taking just the head into his mouth and swiping the flat of his tongue over and over the exposed head. Lu Han doesn't recognize the sound that's ripped from his own throat.

But it's not nearly enough. Minseok's tongue moves too little, too slowly, to bring Lu Han anywhere close to the climax he's aching to reach. Lu Han's whole body twists at the slow burn inside him, yet Minseok is able to anticipate his movements and he moves with Lu Han so that his mouth remains firmly in place without taking or giving even a little bit.

Lu Han slams back into the sheets and finds himself gulping for air without realizing he'd been holding his breath. Minseok pulls away while Lu Han tries to find his breath, steps out of his own clothing and gives his cock a few slow strokes, sighing in relief, before coming back to lie down between Lu Han's legs. He pushes Lu Han's thighs apart, far enough that Lu Han can hook his feet around the edges of the narrow mattress, and runs his hands down Lu Han's sides to slip them under his back and squeeze his ass.

"You didn't think I'd forget that you kicked me here?"

"Minseok," Lu Han groans, "That wasn't—c'mon, that really was just a joke."

Minseok's body shakes on top of Lu Han's thighs as he chuckles quietly. "Lu Han, are you admitting to being a cock tease all the other times then?"

"No. Look who's talking!"

Another laugh, and then Minseok's smile turns sharper. "Turn over."

Obediently Lu Han turns, letting Minseok's soft touches guide him until he's kneeling with his ass in the air and his face buried into the pillow. Small hands smooth over his butt cheeks in symmetrical circles, clutching lightly now and then, and work their way slowly in and down until Minseok leaves off fondling his ass to brush knuckles lightly down Lu Han's balls. There's a rustling sound behind him, a shift in weight, the familiar sound of a lubricant bottle cap clicking open, the crinkle of a condom wrapper, and Lu Han's grateful he has a pillow to bury his face in because it muffles his extended moan of relief at the prospect of being filled soon.

There's no resistance, only a smooth glide, when Minseok slips the tip of a finger inside and then slowly, agonizingly, pushes it in to the knuckle. Lu Han tries to push back but Minseok just moves right back with Lu Han, and in the end Lu Han lifts his face out of the pillow to whine at him to go faster.

Minseok slips a second finger in, though not moving even a tiny bit faster. Lu Han can't concentrate anymore. There's a vortex of frustration and impatience in his chest, swear words in two languages slipping past his lips as he curses Minseok for stringing him along. It's not even like Lu Han's on the edge of coming and holding back; he's so aroused he's leaking pre-come steadily but the light, heady feeling of orgasm is still far, far away. It's a different kind of denial than what he's used to, one with a biting edge. He thinks that by the time he gets to come his dick will probably have exploded.

"Minseok, god Minseok, I need more of you," he pleads, barely aware of what he's saying. "Please, Minseok, please."

What he's getting isn't anywhere near enough, and he's so slick now between his legs that he can barely feel any friction when Minseok's fingers fuck into him, and there's too much that's not enough, not enough. He needs more from Minseok, far more than what he's getting.

He wrenches away and turns around, rushing on Minseok so suddenly that the smaller man would've been knocked off the bed if Lu Han weren't basically pinning him down bodily. They're at a weird angle and Minseok's head is hanging off the edge of the mattress but Lu Han can't even wait long enough to fix their position before he grabs Minseok's cock at the base and sinks down onto it. He's only had two of Minseok's small fingers in him so he's not nearly prepared enough, but the physical burn somehow undoes the knot of frustration burning in his chest even as he hisses at the pain.

"Lu Han. Lu Han!" Minseok's fingers dig into Lu Han's hips so hard he knows there'll be purple smudges tomorrow, though it's the concern sharp in his voice that effectively makes Lu Han stop moving. "Stop, Lu Han, you're gonna hurt yourself!"

"You take too long," Lu Han chokes out, "I don't want to wait any longer, Minseok."

Minseok looks at him for a long moment, gaze penetrating, and Lu Han wishes he'd used other words. He doesn't mind losing his heart to Minseok, he's given in to that a long time ago, but a mixture of pride and cowardice means he doesn't want Minseok to know about it.

No such luck though. Minseok may not be particularly observant, but he always assesses a situation accurately when he does notice. "You were waiting?" He's definitely not talking about sex.


Minseok makes a sound halfway between a laugh and a sigh. He shifts, maneuvering them so that they can lie straight in the bed. They're flushed up against each other like this, intimate and sweet, and Lu Han feels warmth unfurl from the inside when Minseok puts his arms around Lu Han and pushes Lu Han's head into the crook of his neck. Lu Han breathes, taking in the clean scent of soap and something richer, deeper, that's purely Minseok.

"Lu Hannie is an idiot," Minseok murmurs after a long moment, still with that hint of half-laughter and half-sigh. "Did you really think this was just a game? What were you even waiting for when you've had me this whole time?"

He doesn't wait for Lu Han's response before he rolls them over and starts snapping his hips into Lu Han, angling to go as deep as he can and slowly building up a rhythm. The way he moves is heavier and more deliberate than usual, like he's got a point to get across. In no time at all he has Lu Han squirming and on edge, the steady pace after so much on-and-off foreplay sending ever-increasing waves of arousal slamming through both of them.

When Minseok leans down to kiss Lu Han, he can't even kiss back, can only gasp open-mouthed with his spit-slicked lips sliding obscenely against Minseok's. The touch of Minseok's soft tummy makes his cock jerk between them but before he can reach down and wrap his hand around it, Minseok's fingers are there, rolling delicately over the engorged tip and squeezing firmly around the length. Lu Han's orgasm builds intensely but slowly because of how over-stimulated he is and Minseok's light touch on Lu Han's cock reduces him to a moaning, writhing mess, clutching at Minseok's shoulders and hips.

"Just come, Lu Han, come for me. You don't have to wait."

"No more waiting," Lu Han manages to agree, biting his hand to stave off his orgasm. "Together, ahh, come with me together."

Minseok groans at his words, dropping his head onto Lu Han's shoulder and thrusting just a shade faster, and Lu Han doesn't have to hold out nearly as long as he expects before Minseok comes with a cut off scream. Lu Han's response is immediate, his orgasm ripping through him so hard his muscles lock and he bucks up bodily against Minseok for what feels like forever.

He's still trembling when he comes back down to earth to find Minseok fastidiously wiping them both down with tissues and smiling softly at him. "I know you're used to having to grab for the things you want," Minseok says, "but you don't have to with me, you know."

Lu Han basically feels like a pile of jelly right now, but still he musters up enough energy to reach and tug Minseok back into the bed with him. "I know you're used to cleaning everything all the time," he teases, and then just laughs because he can't really think of a good way to finish the sentence as it really would have been kind of gross to fall asleep covered in come.

Minseok's laughing too. "Yeah, that's right, you have no leg to stand on."

In retaliation, Lu Han flings a leg (that he doesn't have to stand on) across Minseok's stomach, pinning him down next to him. "Just you wait until our next stage," he mutters, drowsiness robbing his voice of all threatening tone, "You are definitely getting a foot up your ass again."

"You glutton for punishment." Minseok's voice is drowsy too, and affectionate.

Lu Han falls asleep in the middle of a laugh.
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  • Untitled // EXO

    The catalyst for this... I'm almost tempted to call this stream-of-consciousness because there is SO LITTLE POINT AND FLOW urgh this does not even…

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