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jpnforph for okuributa

R?, 300w, backstage quickie

'It's been a long time,' Kitayama thinks as he's grappled behind three racks of Junior outfits by a disheveled Fujigaya.

"Quick," Fujigaya bites out in between bruising kisses, and Kitayama can barely hear him over the incredible scream of a full Tokyo Dome to Busaiku's solo stage. Anyway, he doesn't need the reminder to hurry because around the front of the three racks of outfits are kids changing for the next set – a set they both need to show up in.

Kitayama was already out of his jacket and sparkly pants when Fujigaya had rounded on him, and it doesn't take him long to rip the t-shirt over his head. They both work at Fujigaya's outfits until it's lying in crumpled heap on the ground.

It's been so long since they've done this, years at least, but the feel of Fujigaya's hand on his cock hasn't changed a bit. Fujigaya still knows exactly how to stroke to get Kitayama off, and judging from the way Fujigaya is rutting into his own hand, he hasn't lost his touch either.

It doesn't take long for them to come, spurting into each others' hands. The orgasm is fast and intense, the throbbing of Dome in time with their heartbeats. They've both always been like this, turned on by success, a stadium full of fans screaming their names, and a good performance.

"It's been a long time," Fujigaya murmurs a second later into Kitayama's hair, echoing Kitayama's thoughts from earlier.

"Mm," Kitayama agrees, swiping his own t-shirt from the ground to wipe his hands on before handing it over to Fujigaya to do the same. He deliberately misconstrues Fujigaya's words in his next breath, however, because now's not the time to get into it. "Pretty sure it's only been about a minute though."

KinKi Kids
G, 550w, office!AU

Other people in the company constantly mistake them for each other from the get-go, thanks to their shared family name and the fact that they both started work on the same day. Their company assigned emails have only one letter difference between them, domoto.t versus domoto.k, so Tsuyoshi supposes that misrouted emails are to be expected.

When he'd first started at the company as an intern, Tsuyoshi had been rather frightened by a flood of indecipherable emails about some stuff called C++ and Python in his inbox, suddenly afraid that he'd bitten off more than he could chew with this supposedly administrative internship until an email came through from a domoto.k asking to be forwarded all the misrouted mail. And then his inbox dinged with 5 more emails in a row, forwarded welcome mails from the real administrative team.

The problem hadn't stopped there, of course. There were division potlucks at which he'd shown up empty handed because the email assigning him dessert to bring had been mistakenly sent to domoto.k, and meetings he only heard about by word of mouth because the calendar invitation was sent to domoto.k, and conferences he'd shown up at only to get turned away because the attendee name was wrongly registered as Domoto Koichi.

Nagase in the Human Resources department likes to joke that their emails tie them together like a red thread, and over time more and more people start to agree with him. There's definitely a hidden hand of destiny at play here the way they both rise up in the company together, constantly receiving similar bonuses and awards, and even getting promoted within a week of each other to manager positions.

They become good friends thanks to this strange connection of theirs, exchanging laughing mails over some of the more wildly misfired communications and even going out to each together sometimes. Normally not one to take lunch away form his desk, Koichi had allowed Tsuyoshi to lure him away to lunch at least once a week, and even, once in a blue moon, out for drinks after work on Fridays. Even Higashiyama-san, the big boss, is astonished that anyone is able to get Koichi out to a social activity without threats to his payroll.

Tsuyoshi laughs politely behind his hand, and tries to edge towards the door without being too obvious. Higashiyama-san is as bad as Nagase in the amount of glee he derives from teasing them about their "shared destiny."

Tsuyoshi gets promoted to the head of his division right around when he's celebrating his quarter-century with the company. He goes to his first all company meeting with trepidation, knowing he's quite a bit younger than the other department heads, but his nervousness disappears as soon as he walks into the conference room because (and he should've seen it coming a mile away, honestly, with the way Higashiyama-san had grinned at him during his promotion) the first person he sees there is Koichi, also looking awkward in a new suit and haircut that speaks of a parallel rise in status. Higashiyama-san shows them their seats at the long rectangular table, directly across from each other of course, with a gleeful grin.

There's a company party to celebrate their twin promotions. Unsurprisingly, some new administrative intern mixes up their invitation emails.

Note(s): So I actually had a ton of false starts for the KinKi prompt because I couldn't decide on an AU, so uhh have some bonus other AUs?

Koichi honks at the car sitting in traffic next to him, three quick blasts on the horn in succession, and makes a lewd gesture when Tsuyoshi looks over at him. Kondo-san is still in a meeting right now so Koichi is free to do whatever he wants in the empty company car, but Tsuyoshi's passenger sitting in the back seat of his taxi looks horrified. Tsuyoshi scrunches up his nose and pulls down the corner of his mouth exaggeratedly at him, and Koichi snickers.


They meet in the most perfunctory of ways, elbows jostling as they reach for their number badges simultaneously. They're both here for to take their high school entrance exam, and it seems they share the same family name which means the numbers they're assigned are consecutive. Neither of them have the presence of mind before the exam to do much more than bow to each other in polite apology, but as soon as the instructor calls out the lunch break, Tsuyoshi taps Koichi on the shoulder with an engaging grin and invites him to get takoyaki together at the stall across the street. He already has a bento packed away in his backpack but he says nothing of it and the two of them run happily across the street to line up for steaming hot street food.

Lunch is enjoyable, but ultimately that's all there is to their first meeting. Tsuyoshi finishes the afternoon exam far quicker than Koichi, who is painstakingly detailed in his answers, so they don't even get a chance to bid each other a proper goodbye. Still, Koichi finds himself smiling as he goes home that day, the pleasurable feeling of having made a friend, however briefly, taking the place of all the now dissipated exam stress from the past year. And even though he doubts he'll ever see this other Domoto kid ever again, Koichi stops by a shrine on his way home and invests 100yen into a prayer than they'll both get into good schools.

They do meet again eventually, the next time at a testing center in the city for university entrance exams. Again their elbows jostle, and the feeling of deja vu jogs both of their memories. This time they go out for ramen at night after they finish testing and Tsuyoshi barely manages to rush onto the last train to Nara because they'd gotten into such a heated discussion about Dragonball. It's not until he's one stop away from his that he realizes with a start he'd forgotten to ask for Koichi's mail address like he'd wanted to.
Tags: !meme/exchange, %drabble, domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, fujigaya taisuke, kitayama hiromitsu

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